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If you are looking for Accelerated English 9 Summer Work, please go to the GREAT EXPECTATIONS page. :)If you are looking for the calendar, scroll to the bottom of this page...

Mrs. Sahaydak/Contact Information
Hi! I'm Mrs. Sahaydak! I teach 9th grade English at Fleetwood Area High School.
I am fortunate enough to love my job because I enjoy working with ninth graders and I love talking about literature and the symbolism in literature. I graduated from a small town high school similar to Fleetwood called Honesdale High School, located in Honesdale, PA, which is up near the NY state boarder. I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Secondary Education, English and currently, I'm working on a second Master's degree in Instructional Technology. I've been teaching at Fleetwood since 1997. I know, forever, right! That's because I really love what I do every day and it's because of you. I love teaching English to 9th graders! I'm probably the 9th grader's strongest advocate at Fleetwood High School and if I'm not, I'm definitely in the top five of them! If there is one thing I wish for you, it is this. I hope that you are one day lucky enough to have a job that does not feel like work, where you like to get up in the morning and you can't wait to get there.
Honestly, what is the point of doing something if you don't love it?

Here's How to Reach Me!

Contact Information:

Mrs. Karen Sahaydak: High School English Teacher

Fleetwood Area High School

803 North Richmond Street * Fleetwood PA 19522

(610) 944-7656 x 2107



(Please do not email me through your Wikispaces email, which is available through the tabs at the top of this page. I'm not going to be checking that email and you might end up emailing teachers and administrators who are also part of my wiki who do not wish to be emailed. Please stick with the email above. Thanks.)


Here are the lyrics...

"This is Me in Grade 9" Idea Sheet

The Modified Block Schedule:
Fleetwood Area High School has gone to a Modified Block Schedule. So, "keeping track of where you need to be at what time", may be a little different than what you've done in the past. Here is a copy of the Modified Block Schedule so you have one at home. I'm sure you'll catch on quickly. The trick seems to be filling in your lunch first. The rest is much easier afterward. :)

Here is a student planner that may really be helpful in filling out your schedule. There is a schedule sheet for each possible lunch. Pick the schedule that best fits your lunch and then fill in the rest of your classes. It's actually the same as the download above, but it makes it a little easier because it separates individual lunches.

Fleetwood Area School District Page/Home Access Center

You can zap over to the Fleetwood Area School District web page with this link. Things are changing for the better over there. Check it out!
Fleetwood Area School District Web Site


From the Fleetwood Home Page above, you can check your grades on the Home Access Center link often! It's easy! Just go to the Fleetwood Website and go to the Home Access Center. From there, enter your Username and Password and pull up all of your grades. See instructions below.

If you don't know your Username and Password, you will need to call the high school office at 610-944-7656. Choose option #1 to speak to the secretaries in the office. When they answer, ask to speak to the Technology Coordinator who can give you your user name and password for the Home Access Center. Currently, that person is Lynn Phillips. It is a requirement that you know how to get into Home Access Center to check your grades for my class. So, it is a good idea to find out your password for Home Access Center now.

Classrooms for the Future

The Joys of having a CLASSROOMS FOR THE FUTURE Classroom...

It's why you found yourself here on this Wikispaces page. I'm fortunate enough to have 21st century technology in my classroom so that you have the opportunity to explore places like this. Throughout the school year, we will be exploring many exciting opportunities utilizing the twenty-five laptops and the interactive Promethean board in my classroom.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a FLASH DRIVE for yourself. 4G should be more than enough. You will need it to take work home so you can finish it and bring it back the next day. Printing can be done in the classroom if you like. However, the flash drive will save your work and allow you to transport it without your having to retype what you have already done in school. Nervous about knowing how to save your work to a flash drive? Check out this YouTube video.


We have a program in place that many of you are probably already familiar with from the middle school. It's to promote good citizenship in school. Here is the matrix that we will be using. Note how each area comes together to form the PRIDE acronym. Gotta love cool stuff like that!
Here is a video that shows a little bit about having "grit". If you haven't already, perhaps this year you'll develop some of these same qualities...

For how to send a paper to me as an email attachment, go to the GREAT EXPECTATIONS page and find the tutorial there that shows you how to do just that. Watch it and learn...
Printers crash, people run out of paper and ink. Emailing me your work, will ensure that it is handed in on time. HOWEVER, you you email me your work, please be SURE to see me before first period to get it printed. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee that it will be printed for you before class.

New School Year Forms/Information
Here is some NEW SCHOOL year things I'd like you to check out.Please fill out the Information Card for your Class. Then, please show your parents/guardians the "Letter to Parents Regarding eSchoolPlus+ and MyGradeBook". This will show parents and guardians what you will learn really fast in my classroom. You'll know it because you work with the computers, but they may want to read this.

Accelerated English 9 Information Card: ....................................................Academic English 9 Information Card:


Parent Night

Here is some more information that will be handed out again on parent night. It lets parents/guardians know how to navigate the websites we will use in class. Show this it them too, please.

Parent Night with Mrs. Sahaydak-Navigating Websites Used in Class

Word 97-2007 Version

PDF Version

Class Syllabus for Accelerated AND Academic English 9

Word 97


Speaking of English Curriculum...

Have you read anything by John Green? He's an awesome author, but he also makes really cool videos about education because he feels it is really important. Here is his Crash Course in Literature!

How and Why We Read: Crash Course English Literature #1

The Tiger Times

Here is a link to Fleetwood High School's own online version of the TIGER TIMES! Check it out!

Tiger Times - FAHS Newspaper

How to be Sahaydak Savvy
How to be Sahaydak Savvy:
Come to this wiki often to view the calendar at the bottom of the page and check on important dates for when assignments are coming up and when school related things are happening. There will also be all kinds of documents at your fingertips that you may feel free to download for your convenience. Check out the links I leave here for you. You just might find that some may help you better understand what we are working on. My best advise to you is to snoop around, see what is here for you to use. You never know, you just might learn something!

Ksahaydak Google Calendar
Check out the calendar! All of your assignment due dates are available HERE! It will always be at the bottom of the page so you can always find it! :-)
If you have a Google Calendar of your own (and if you don't, you can easily set one up to do this), you can easily sync the calendar below to your own and then even add it to your smart phone. For smart phones, it will send you automatic reminders for when something is due. Once you have established your own Google Calendar, here is the link for the directions to add this calendar: https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/37100?hl=en
It's pretty simple. All you need to do (this is if you have your own Google Calendar set up), is choose the +Google Calendar button at the bottom of this calendar. If you have your own Google Calendar, it will ask you if you want to add this calendar to your own. Choose "yes, add this calendar" and you are in business. To see this on a Youtube video, simply go to Youtube and do a search on how to subscribe to a public google calendar. There are plenty of videos out there to get you going. From your Google Calendar account, you can also learn how to sync the calendar to your smart phone. Since you could have about a million different kinds of smart phones, I recommend getting instructions from the help button on the Google Calendar or by doing a search on how to add a google calendar to your specific smart phone. For example, iphones and Galaxys have different instructions on how to add a Google Calendar to your device. So, search "Adding a google calendar to my (insert type of smart phone here)" and I'm positive you will find instructions to do this. I think you will find it well worth the moment it takes to add it to your phone. I hope this helps!

Please note that due to inclement weather and school delays, early dismissals, and closing, assignment dates may have changed. Please check due dates regularly and especially after school has been delayed, dismissed early or closed.

I've done my best to move the calendar for snow days through 03/06/15, but I will need to check this once we are back at school, so all dates are tentative.